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Ashtech GNSS Antenna
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Tracks L1, L2, and L5 frequencies.
Uses GLONASS, Galileo, and GPS satellites.
Compatible with Promark 100/120/200/220 and Proflex 800.
Polymer finish for durability.
Lightweight, weighing only 1.2 pounds.
Provides extreme GNSS accuracy.
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Carlson BRx7 Base & Rover
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Software & Data Collector Not Included

All constellations turned on: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
Long-range RTK baselines up to 30 mi with fast acquisition times with the use of Carlson Listen-Listen
UHF (400 MHz & 900 MHz), Cellular (4G GSM), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi wireless communication
The BRx7 Athena GNSS engine providing best-in-class dual RTK performance
Internal IMU tilt sensor compensation corrects collected point coordinates to within 2 cm
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Drone - Autel EVO II RTK Pro V3 (6k) Rugged Bundle + Software Bundle
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Surveying & Mapping
No Need For Ground Control Points
1" CMOS Sensor Gimbal Camera
10-bit A-Log
20MP Photo& 6K/30fps Video
360° Obstacle Avoidance
Dynamic Track 2.0
38 Minutes Flight Time
15KM Video Transmission Range
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GeoMax ZRP105 Pro Laser Receiver w/ Bracket
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Includes clamp (835249)
Working range of up to 1,000 ft. (300 m)
Achieve pinpoint accuracy with three on-grade precision settings
Stay informed with a multi-channel analog display that boasts dual functionality
Effortlessly locate the laser beam with an extended 4" detection window
Ensure reliable measurements by eliminating false readings with built-in flash suppression
Attain precise alignment with the integrated bubble vial feature
Versatile compatibility allows for easy detection of red beams on rotary/grade lasers
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GL722 Dual Grade Laser Package
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GL722 Radio Dual Grade Laser
HL760 Combined Laser Receiver
Clamp for Receiver & Magnetic Mount
RC703 Radio Remote Control
Charger 1445-2092 w/ Cable 6003-0820
6 x D-Cell NiMH Batteries Q103077
Carrying Case
Operating Manual

Features & Benefits:

Range up to 3,000ft
Long battery life 
Flexible power options
Automatic axis alignment & temperature compensation
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HL760U Receiver w/ Clamp
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Digital elevation readout saves time and eliminates the need to go to "on-grade" position for measurements.
Large 12.7 cm (5 inch) reception height ensures quick beam acquisition and easy tracking.
Wireless remote display and monitoring with another HL760 or HL760U receiver, even at distances up to 80 m (260 ft.).
Anti-strobe sensor filters out construction strobe lights, enabling accurate detection of laser beam signals.
Rugged, dust-proof, and weatherproof housing withstands drops of up to 3 m (10 ft) for reduced downtime.
Accepts both red beam and green beam laser frequencies, providing versatility for various laser devices.
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Leica 3D Disto
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Versatile 3D Laser Scanning/Measuring: Capture unlimited measurements on any job site and export to a 3D CAD file. Range: 165 ft, Accuracy: 3/64".
Free Leica Software: Control the unit, capture measurements, and export files to CAD. Download on multiple devices for team use.
Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy: Empower your team with precise measurements, streamlining on-site data capture.
Seamless Integration: Export measurements to CAD, integrating seamlessly into existing workflows. 
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Leica Disto D810 Touch
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Touchscreen interface: The D810 touch is the first DISTO with a touchscreen, making it easy to use and navigate.
Measure in Picture (MIP) technology: The D810's exclusive MIP technology allows you to measure the height, width, area, diameter, or circumference of an object in a picture taken by the D810. 
Accurate and precise measurements: The D810 touch has an accuracy of ± 1 mm, making it a reliable tool for measuring distances.
Versatile features: The D810 touch has a variety of features, including area, volume, Pythagorean, and stake out calculations.
Durable and portable: The D810 touch is made from durable materials and is water-resistant, making it a reliable tool for both indoor and outdoor use.
Lifetime Manufactures Warranty
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Leica DISTO X3
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Robust with protection class IP65
Designed to use indoors but possible to use outdoors when combined with a target plate
Tilt sensor and smart room allows you to easily determine horizontal distances with absolute precision
Rotating display which keeps the measurement in line with the device so you can easily read the screen from any angle
DISTO plan app (available for iOS and Android, some features require subscription)
Firmware updates are sent via Bluetooth with the DISTO plan app
3yr manufactures warranty
Leica DISTO X4 P2P Package
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Leica DISTO X4, DST 360, & LEI 200 Tripod
The DISTO X4 in itself is a robust laser distance meter, in combination with the DST 360 it becomes a powerful 3D capturing station. This allows for distance measurements between any two points up to determining a roof's surface area from one location.

Point-to-Point Technology
500ft Measurement Range
Realtime Data Transfer
Very Easy To Measure Inaccessible Points
Use the DISTO Plan App To Simplify CAD Façade Plans & Floor Plans
IP67 Rugged Carrier Case
Leica GG03 Smart Antenna
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GG03 Professional
L1/L2 GNSS SmartAntenna,120 channels GNSS receiver with options:L1/L2, GPS and GLONASS Easily, RTK processingkernel, upgradeable with GG03 options:(e.g. 5Hz).799843 - GG03 Professional includes:

1 x 799843 GG03 Professional