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Leica Geosystems: Precision at Your Fingertips

For nearly 200 years, Leica Geosystems has been synonymous with unwavering accuracy and groundbreaking technology in the world of measurement and surveying. From the loftiest peaks to the deepest mines, their innovative tools empower professionals across industries to capture, analyze, and visualize the world around them with unparalleled precision.

Leica Geosystems isn't just a brand; it's a promise. A promise of confidence – knowing that your measurements are reliable, your data is accurate, and your decisions are informed. It's a promise of productivity – with efficient workflows, intuitive interfaces, and seamless connectivity, you can conquer even the most demanding projects on time and within budget. And it's a promise of innovation – Leica Geosystems pushes the boundaries of what's possible, constantly developing cutting-edge solutions that transform the way we capture and understand the world.

Their product portfolio is a testament to this unwavering commitment. Laser scanners like the BLK2GO capture intricate details of physical environments, creating immersive 3D models for everything from architectural documentation to infrastructure planning. Distance meters like the DISTO series, pocket-sized marvels of accuracy, empower quick and effortless measurements for construction, landscaping, and even DIY projects. And for those tackling complex underground challenges, Leica Geosystems offers a range of utility detection equipment to locate and map buried pipes, cables, and other unseen assets.

Beyond hardware, Leica Geosystems provides comprehensive software solutions like Infinity and CloudWorx, empowering users to process, analyze, and visualize their data with powerful tools and intuitive workflows. Whether you're a surveyor capturing vast landscapes or an engineer building the next skyscraper, Leica Geosystems offers the software to turn your data into actionable insights.

But Leica Geosystems isn't just about products. They're about people. Their global network of experts provides invaluable training and support, ensuring you get the most out of their technology. From hands-on workshops to personalized consultations, they're dedicated to your success.

In a world where every millimeter matters, Leica Geosystems stands tall. They're not just selling tools; they're selling confidence, productivity, and the power to shape the world around you with precision and certainty. So, whether you're scaling new heights or navigating hidden depths, Leica Geosystems is your partner in progress, ensuring every step you take is a step towards a more accurate, informed, and ultimately, better world.


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Schonstedt: Unveiling the Hidden Beneath Your Feet

For over 60 years, Schonstedt has been a leading name in unearthing the unseen. They specialize in designing and manufacturing magnetic locators, instruments that help professionals pinpoint the exact location of ferrous objects buried beneath the ground.


From humble beginnings to global recognition:

Founded in 1958 by engineer Elmer Schonstedt, the company started with a single product – the GA-52 Magnetic Locator. This pioneering device quickly gained recognition for its reliability and accuracy, setting the stage for Schonstedt's rise to prominence. Today, they offer a diverse range of locators catering to various industries and applications.


What do they do?

Schonstedt locators utilize HeliFlux dual-sensor technology to detect the magnetic fields emanating from buried iron and steel objects. These include:

  • Utility pipes and cables: Ensuring safe excavation and preventing accidental damage during construction.
  • Survey markers and monuments: Locating precise reference points for land surveying and mapping.
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO): Contributing to the vital task of clearing landmines and other explosives.
  • Historical artifacts: Assisting archaeologists in uncovering buried treasures and ruins.
Products for every need:

Schonstedt's locator lineup caters to both professional and consumer users. Some of their popular models include:

  • GA-52Cx: A versatile and user-friendly option for locating pipes, markers, and other common underground objects.
  • Rex: A multi-frequency pipe and cable locator ideal for utility professionals.
  • Maggie: A compact and portable locator perfect for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners.


Beyond locators:

Schonstedt's commitment extends beyond just producing locators. They offer comprehensive after-sales support, including:

  • Repair services: Ensuring your locators stay in top condition for years to come.
  • Training programs: Equipping users with the knowledge and skills to operate their locators effectively.
  • A global network of dealers: Providing easy access to Schonstedt products and support worldwide.
Investing in peace of mind:

Schonstedt locators are renowned for their durability, reliability, and accuracy. They are built to withstand the toughest conditions and provide users with the confidence to tackle any underground exploration task. Whether you're a professional contractor, a passionate archaeologist, or simply a homeowner curious about what lies beneath your lawn, Schonstedt has the tools to help you safely and effectively uncover the hidden world below.

So, next time you're faced with an underground mystery, remember Schonstedt – the name synonymous with unearthing the truth, one magnetic field at a time.

Seco Heavy-Duty Column Clamp
In Stock

SECO’s Heavy-Duty Column Clamp has a solid stable design and works with all 5/8 x 11 instruments
The adjustable column rotates and moves vertically to orient the instrument when needed and features 12-inches (30.48 cm) of height adjustment
Includes a 2-inch (5.08 cm) by 10 ft (3.05 m) strap rated for a 2200 pound load and a heavy duty ratchet to create a strong connection to both round and square columns
The centerline of the 5/8 x 11 stud to column measures 15 inches (38.1 cm)
Constructed of structural aluminum for industrial applications and stainless steel hardware
Weighs 13.75 lb (6.24 kg)
SECO Thumb-Release Bipod – Flo Orange
In Stock

Comes with no-crush bipod head, which prevents crushing of carbon fiber range or prism poles even when excess force is used
A surveyor can set up a freestanding GPS antenna pole or prism pole 1-to-1.25 inch (25.4-to-31.8 mm) outside diameter
Poles attach easily through the open clamp 1.5-inch (3.81 cm) outside diameter
Poles can be loaded through the top Legs (independently) extend to 6 feet (1.8 m) and collapse to 43 inches (109 cm)
Flo Orange
Weighs 4.25 lb (1.93 kg)
SECO Thumb-Release Bipod – Flo Yellow
In Stock

Comes with no-crush bipod head, which prevents crushing of carbon fiber range or prism poles even when excess force is used
A surveyor can set up a freestanding GPS antenna pole or prism pole 1-to-1.25 inch (25.4-to-31.8 mm) outside diameter
Poles attach easily through the open clamp 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) outside diameter
Poles can be loaded through the top Legs (independently) extend to 6 feet (1.8 m) and collapse to 43 inches (109 cm)
Flo Yellow
Weighs 4.25 lb (1.93 kg)
SECO Robotics Bag

Spacious & Organized: Double-zipped top-loading compartment, side pockets, and front battery pocket for ample storage and organization.
Weather-Resistant Design: Top rain flap, side pocket rain flaps protect equipment from rain and moisture.
Sturdy & Stable: Free-standing aluminum frame keeps the backpack upright, even when fully loaded.
Comfortable & Adjustable: Padded belt, shoulder straps with all-point adjustment, and rubberized carrying handle for a customized and comfortable fit.
Generous Dimensions: Interior dimensions of 17x10x10in, exterior dimensions of 24.5x15x16in, weighing only 8.00lb.
Vibrant Orange Color: High visibility for easy identification in the field.
SECO Carbon Fiber TLV Prism Pole - 8.5 ft (2.5 m)
In Stock

Features dual graduations, an adjustable tip that will adjust to a prism height of 65 mm-to-115 mm
TLV™ Lock
Carbon fiber poles are approximately 30% lighter than similar aluminum poles
Extends 8.53 ft (2.60 m) and collapses to 4.97 ft (1.51 m)
Weighs 2.30 lb (1.05 kg)
SECO Plumb Bob Point
In Stock

The plumb bob point is a replacement part
Fits any of the SECO plumb bobs
SECO Topo-Boot
In Stock

The TopoBoot®, made of black nylon, screws over the precision point and increases the area of the point for use on soft surfaces in topo shots
The Topo-Boot is removable and stores conveniently under the large, easy-to read vial
Weighs 0.05 lb (0.02 kg)
SECO Utility Scriber with Removable Tip
In Stock

Durable removable-tip scribers are perfect for making quick and accurate marks on hard work pieces
Works well on metal, ceramic, concrete, stone, lumber or other surfaces
The scriber features a durable tungsten carbide point that is able to make precise marks to 1/100th of an inch
The magnetic cap quickly cleans up stray metal shavings
Weighs 0.05 lb (0.02 kg)
SECO Stedi-Rest - For Prism Poles
In Stock

Crain’s Stedi-Rest® fits any 1.25 to 1.5 inch (32 to 38.1 mm) pole and can take the place of three separate products, level Vial Adjustment Jig, Prism Pole Bipod and a Rod Rest
Weighs 0.15 lb (0.07 kg)
SECO Spray Can Holder
In Stock

This spray can holder is constructed of heavy-duty nylon Cordura® and a nylon webbing belt loop
Holds a paint can on hip for easy and convenient access
Weighs 0.14 lb (0.06 kg)
SECO Bipod Leg Clip
In Stock

The bipod leg clip easily attaches to the base of any 1.25 inch O.D. prism or antenna pole
The bipod legs snap into the clip making the system convenient for transport or storage
Weighs 0.04 lb (0.02 kg)
SECO Snap-On Rod Level
In Stock

Features a die-cast aluminum body and an adjustable vial
Fits round or rectangular rods
Suitable for use with track light, robotic instruments, or conventional leveling
The snap-on level fits all poles with a 1 to 1.25 inch diameter
Feature a 40 minute sensitivity
Weighs 0.10 lb (0.04 kg)