Carlson Scan3D
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Instant, mobile 3D scanning of rooms, spaces, equipment, and more
Highly accurate point cloud data sets comparable to larger-scale 3D scanning devices
Real-time 3D reconstruction with live quality feedback
Local data optimization (post-processing) for highly accurate results
Automatic AprilTag targeting for intelligent accuracy improvement
Precise, savable measurements of distance, area, volume, and more
SECO 230 mm Scanner Sphere
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Lightweight aluminum scanner sphere
230 mm diameter, accuracy < 2 mm
Painted non-glare white
Female 5/8 x 11 threaded mounting
Center height is 114 mm from bottom flat
Weighs 2.70 lb (1.22 kg)
On sale!-18.92%
Leica 3D Disto
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Versatile 3D Laser Scanning/Measuring: Capture unlimited measurements on any job site and export to a 3D CAD file. Range: 165 ft, Accuracy: 3/64".
Free Leica Software: Control the unit, capture measurements, and export files to CAD. Download on multiple devices for team use.
Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy: Empower your team with precise measurements, streamlining on-site data capture.
Seamless Integration: Export measurements to CAD, integrating seamlessly into existing workflows. 
X300 Laser Scanner
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Rugged Design: The fully sealed case protects your inversion making it possible to get the job done where others fail, regardless of dust, humidity, heat or bumps.
Ease of Use: Push one button and control X300 with your smartphone or tablet. Laser scanning has never been easier.
Price & Quality: X300 balances the performance you really need in a wide range of applications with a reasonable price.
HQ Quality: Sony 16 Mpx sensor, low distortion lens with HDR. Brilliant coloration and wide tonal range.
Complete Control: Full Camera Control: Exposure, gain, & white balance
X150 Laser Scanner
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Strong Case: Streamlined aluminum alloy case.
Small & Light: The scanner can be easily used by a single person thanks to its small size and weight of approximately 4 kg.
Self-Calibrating: ± 5 degrees tilt supplement angle for precise leveling. A 360° one-stop scan requires only 45s.
Panoramic HDR Camera: Add color to your scan.
Wireless Control: Through the dedicated APP it is possible to control the device remotely. Scan with one click and check quality via real-time preview.