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GeoMax Zoom95 Robotic Total Station | 1" - 5"

Fully robotic: The Zoom95 uses STReAM360 technology to automatically find, lock on to, and track prisms, making it a one-person total station.
Scout: A vertical laser fan emitted from the instrument helps the Zoom95 quickly find prisms.
TRack: Once the Zoom95 locks onto a prism, it will continue to track it even if it is moving.
AiM: The Zoom95 can aim accurately at any prism, without the need for the operator to look through the telescope.
X-PAD field software: The Zoom95 is compatible with X-PAD field software, which makes it easy to collect and process data.

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A10 = 1000m Reflectorless A5  =  500m Reflectorless
GeoMax / Leica Battery Replacement - GEB221
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See description for compatibility 

Cameron Sino 6800mAh OR 5600mAh Battery: A reliable power solution for your GeoMax & Leica instruments
Compatible with a wide range of GeoMax & Leica instruments
Type: Li-ion battery for enhanced performance and long-lasting power
Capacity: 6800mAh / 50.32Wh OR 5600mAh / 41.44Wh for extended usage time
Voltage: 7.4v for consistent and efficient power supply
Dimension: 71.72 x 39.16 x 39.40mm

Supports the GKL211 Charger only
GeoMax / Leica Charger | GKL221 | GEB211
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See description for compatibility 

Charges GeoMax and Leica batteries
Input voltage: 100-240V AC
Output voltage: 7.4V DC
Output current: 2.1A
Full Battery charge in 6 Hours
GeoMax / Leica Battery Replacement | 3400mAh | GBE211
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See description for compatibility

High capacity: 3400mAh for extended usage time
Li-ion technology: Enhanced performance and long-lasting power
Consistent voltage: 7.4v for efficient power supply
Compact size: 72.00 x 39.46 x 21.15mm

Supports the GK211 Charger only
GeoMax Mining Transit Book - 6 Pack
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Rain-resistant cover protects the book from the elements
Fine-quality ledger paper is water-proof and tear-resistant
Hard-bound cover provides a sturdy and durable construction
Left-hand pages have 4 per-inch blue horizontal lines and five red vertical lines
Right-hand pages have 10 x 10 blue lines with a red vertical center line
Book measures 4.5 x 7.25 inches for a comfortable and portable size
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GeoMax ZRP105 Pro Laser Receiver w/ Bracket
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Includes clamp (835249)
Working range of up to 1,000 ft. (300 m)
Achieve pinpoint accuracy with three on-grade precision settings
Stay informed with a multi-channel analog display that boasts dual functionality
Effortlessly locate the laser beam with an extended 4" detection window
Ensure reliable measurements by eliminating false readings with built-in flash suppression
Attain precise alignment with the integrated bubble vial feature
Versatile compatibility allows for easy detection of red beams on rotary/grade lasers
GeoMax Zeta 125 Pipelaser
In Stock
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Range up to 900 feet
±10 arc second accuracy
Self-leveling ranging from -15% to +45%
Grade range -10% to +40%
Includes remote control
Fits in 5-inch diameter pipes
Large LCD display with back-light
Li-Ion battery pack with charger
5/8-11 tripod thread
1-year manufacturer's warranty
GeoMax Zenith60 | Bundle
Zenith60 LTE-UHF-IMU Flexible Rover Set, multi-constellation
UHF & IMU Preinstalled! ($2,000 Savings)
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Battery Life Up To 12 Hours
Accurate/Precise Data & Precise Point Positioning
Reliable Tracking w/ 555 NovaTel Channels
Electromagnetic Resistant  

Extended Warranties Available: 1yr $449 & 2yr $809
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