Bracket accessories and attachments for tripods and equipment.

Field Books

Fieldbooks in many shapes and sizes. With all weather capabilities ensures your notes wont ruin in rain, storm or snow.


Marking supplies including markers, nails, stakes chasers and paint


Measuring supplies including tape, tapes, wheels, rulers (the big kind) and distos.

SECO Center Punch Point
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Center Punch Point fits all poles or products with male 5/8 x 11 threads
Hardened steel point will mark all metal and non-metal surfaces
Weighs 0.20 lb (0.09 kg)
RadioDetection LEXXI T1660 Cables, Clips, & Accessories

Multiple options: Available in various lengths and connector types to fit your specific needs.
Durable design: Constructed for long-lasting use even in demanding environments.
Easy to use: Simple to connect and disconnect for quick setup and breakdown.
Wide range of applications: Ideal for locating buried utilities, tracing underground cables, and detecting magnetic anomalies.
RadioDetection Lexxi T1660 Cable Fault Locator

Unparalleled Accuracy: Pinpoint faults with industry-leading 1% distance accuracy and a low 0.5m dead zone.
Impressive Range: Locate faults even deep underground with a maximum range of 6km.
Flexible Operation: Choose from 11 range settings and operate on either alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries for a 12-hour typical battery lifetime.
User-Friendly Interface: Adjust velocity of propagation (VoP) and other settings with ease on the large, color display.
Versatility: Locate faults in various cable types, including power, data, and communication cables.
Schonstedt REX Tx-6 Transmitter

Multi-Frequency Operation: Locates utilities with 512 Hz, 33 kHz, and 82 kHz frequencies.
Long-Lasting Power: Rechargeable battery offers 8 hours of continuous use.
Compact and Lightweight: Measures 10"W x 10.25"D x 1.75"H and weighs only 3.5 lbs for easy portability.
Increased Signal Strength: Delivers strong signals for reliable detection even in challenging conditions.
Durable Construction: Built to withstand harsh outdoor environments.
Compatible with Various Receivers: Works seamlessly with a range of Schonstedt and other brands of pipe and cable locators.
Schonstedt Rex Receiver

Lightweight and portable: Weighs under 7lbs and the receiver retracts for easy carrying.
Multi-frequency versatility: Operates at 512 Hz, 33 kHz, and 82 kHz, plus 50/60 Hz passive and 512 Hz sonde detection.
Automatic and manual gain: Adjusts the sensitivity of the receiver automatically or manually based on the strength of the detected signal.
Directional indication: Provides visual and audible cues to help you locate the buried pipe or cable.
Rechargeable batteries: The transmitter comes equipped with rechargeable batteries for up to 8 hours of intermittent use.
3-year warranty: Schonstedt backs its product with a 3-year warranty.
Schonstedt u-Locate & u-Locate Plus Transmitter

Versatile transmitter for underground utilities: The Schonstedt u-LOCATE and u-LOCATE+ Transmitter is a versatile device that can be used to apply signals to underground utilities, such as pipes, cables, or valves.
Dual frequency and power options: It can operate at 33 kHz and 82 kHz frequencies, and has dual power capabilities, allowing you to switch between 1 W and 0.25 W output power depending on the situation.
Rugged and durable construction: The transmitter is built to withstand the harsh conditions of the job site. It is housed in a water-resistant case and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.
Easy to use: The transmitter has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use, even for operators with limited experience.
Schonstedt u-LOCATE plus Receiver

Accurately and efficiently locate and mark underground utilities: The Schonstedt u-LOCATE+ Receiver is an advanced device that helps you find and mark underground utilities with accuracy and efficiency.
High-resolution display for easy viewing: The u-LOCATE+ Receiver has a high-resolution display that shows the direction, depth, current, and mode of the utility.
Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and data logging: The u-LOCATE+ Receiver has a Bluetooth connection that allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote display and data logger.
Rechargeable battery for long-lasting use: The u-LOCATE+ Receiver has a rechargeable battery that provides long-lasting use. 
Schonstedt u-Locate Transmitter Clamp | 2" - 8.5"

The Schonstedt U-LOCATE Transmitter Clamp is a versatile accessory that allows you to apply the transmitter's signal onto a cable or pipe. This is particularly useful when direct connection is not an option, or on live cables when they cannot be de-energized.

Versatile application: Can be used on a variety of cables and pipes
Safe and easy to use: No need to de-energize live cables
Durable construction: Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting use
Available in 2", 4", 5", & 8.5"
Schonstedt Inductive Clamp for REX Transmitters | 2" & 5"

Induces a current on a pipe or cable for tracing purposes
An optional accessory that works with the Schonstedt REX pipe and cable locator
Easy to use
Compatible with a variety of Schonstedt products
2-inch and 5-inch sizes available
Durable construction
Schonstedt Signal Clamp Extension Rod | 25"

Made of non-conductive nylon
25 inches long (630mm)
Can be attached to a clamp or stethoscope
Compatible with most Schonstedt locator/transmitter clamps and small stethoscopes
Extends the reach of your Schonstedt locator/transmitter
Lightweight and easy to use
Schonstedt FlexiTrace | Tx-Energised Pushrod

Can be used to trace pipes and ducts as small as 0.5 inches in diameter
Can be used to map the path of a pipe or duct without digging or drilling
Flexible design allows it to navigate tight bends and corners
Durable construction can withstand the rigors of everyday use
Easy to use and operate
Schonstedt Standard Sonde 512Hz

Traces the path of or locates blockages in metallic, non-metallic pipes or conduit
Traces empty fiber-duct or adjacent conduit runs
Stops at unmarked underground vaults or splice boxes
Watertight transmitter
Maneuvers through 90° turns in 1.5" inch (38 mm) pipe
Can be used to locate buried utilities
6-month manufacture warranty
Schonstedt Bendi Sonde w/ M10 Male End Cap | 512Hz

Locatable to 19 feet
3-section sonde
Measures 0.9 inches by 18.8 inches
Designed for improved flexibility around pipe and duct corners
Can be used with a variety of Radiodetection locators
Compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous pipes
Schonstedt Holster for Maggie, XT's, REX, GA's

Durable nylon construction
Adjustable belt loop
Protects locator from dust and scratches
Quick access design
Compatible with Schonstedt XTpc, XTpc+, XT512, Maggie, GA-92XTd, GA-92, GA-72, REX locators
Orange Safety Traffic PVC Cones, Two Reflective Collars
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High visibility: Bright fluorescent orange color with two reflective collars for optimal visibility in all weather conditions.
Durable construction: Made from premium grade PVC for flexible yet rugged durability.
Stable base: Weighted base provides stability in windy conditions.
Versatile use: Ideal for use in a variety of settings, including construction zones, parking lots, and emergency situations.
Easy to store and transport: Stackable design for easy storage and transportation.
Meets MUTCD specifications: Engineered to meet MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) specifications for traffic safety cones.
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GeoMax ZRP105 Pro Laser Receiver w/ Bracket
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Includes clamp (835249)
Working range of up to 1,000 ft. (300 m)
Achieve pinpoint accuracy with three on-grade precision settings
Stay informed with a multi-channel analog display that boasts dual functionality
Effortlessly locate the laser beam with an extended 4" detection window
Ensure reliable measurements by eliminating false readings with built-in flash suppression
Attain precise alignment with the integrated bubble vial feature
Versatile compatibility allows for easy detection of red beams on rotary/grade lasers
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Spectra HL760U Receiver w/ Clamp
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Digital elevation readout saves time and eliminates the need to go to "on-grade" position for measurements.
Large 12.7 cm (5 inch) reception height ensures quick beam acquisition and easy tracking.
Wireless remote display and monitoring with another HL760 or HL760U receiver, even at distances up to 80 m (260 ft.).
Anti-strobe sensor filters out construction strobe lights, enabling accurate detection of laser beam signals.
Rugged, dust-proof, and weatherproof housing withstands drops of up to 3 m (10 ft) for reduced downtime.
Accepts both red beam and green beam laser frequencies, providing versatility for various laser devices.

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