SitePro 12' Twist Lock Prism Pole (10ths/Metric)

Length: 11.81 ft (3.6M)
Designed for 5/8-11 QuickTip adapters for prism mounting (includes the adapter set)
Twist lock system with built-in 20-minute precise level vial
The soft rubber knob is easy to tighten and loosen
3-sections; inner aluminum poles with dual graduations: 10ths and metric
SitePro Salamander Aluminum Quick-Release Tripod
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Weighs 16.6 lb (7.5 kg) - Extends to 64-in (163cm), collapses to 40-in (102cm)
Ideal for both optical and laser construction instruments with 5/8-11 thread
Medium weight, heavy gauge aluminum with added stability of double banded legs
Positive locking quick-release clamps
Powder coated wear-resistant metal hardware
Die-cast aluminum shoe with hardened steel replaceable shoe points
64-in (163cm) extended height, 40-in (102cm) collapsed height
SitePro Salamander Contractor Quick-Clamp Fiberglass Tripod
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Weighs 16lb (7.2kg), Extends to 70" (180cm), and collapses to 44.75" (114cm)
Precision-machined aluminum head and leg hinges provide a stable mounting base
Medium-weight fiberglass tripod
Double banded extension legs and large positive locking quick clamp for extra stability
Die-cast aluminum shoe with hardened steel replaceable shoe points
Large hand grip, quick clamp lock type
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SitePro Robotic Fiberglass Tripod Salamander
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High-visibility, heavy-duty composite construction
Weather and fade-resistant
Lightweight and portable (17.8 lb)
Large 6-5/8-inch precision machined flat head
Large 2-3/8-inch tongue-groove strut and legs
Heavy-duty dual clamp design with quick clamp and wing screw
Large foot pad for solid planting
Meets ISO standard (12858-2-H)
SitePro Tribrach w/ Laser Plummet
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Smooth locking mechanism with secure motion foot screws for reliable stability
Precise alignment of support cavity to the base plate ensures accurate instrument centering
Designed to withstand various weather conditions, providing durability and longevity
Swiss Style construction guarantees high-quality craftsmanship and performance
Sleek black color adds a touch of elegance to the instrument
Laser Plummet feature with a focus range of 0.5-15m for precise vertical alignment.
SitePro 8' Twist Lock Prism Pole w/ Dual Grad
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Length: 8.5 ft (2.6M)
Designed for 5/8-11 QuickTip adapters for prism mounting (includes the adapter set)
Twist lock system with built-in 20-minute precise level vial
Easy-to-use soft rubber knob for tightening and loosening
2-section design with inner aluminum pole
Dual graduations: 10ths and metric for enhanced measurement accuracy
SitePro Tripod Floor Guide - Stabilizer
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Ideal for Slick Surfaces: The TFG2 tripod floor guide is perfect for setting up tripods on slick surfaces and concrete floors, ensuring stability and preventing slips.
Faster Setup: This floor guide significantly speeds up the process of setting up over a specific point, allowing for efficient and precise positioning.
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Arms: The tripod floor guide features robust aluminum arms with slots that extend and stabilize the tripod legs.
Adjustable Leg Extension: Extend the tripod legs up to 25-3/4" (65cm) from the center, allowing for versatile height adjustments.
Lightweight Design: Weighing only 1.0 lb (0.45kg), the TFG2 tripod floor guide is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry and transport to different job sites.
SitePro 2.6M (8.6FT) Carbon Fiber Robotic Pole
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Compatible and Essential: Designed to work seamlessly with the Topcon®-style 360-degree prism and remote control, making it an essential accessory for Topcon-style robotic total stations.
Adjustable Height: Extends from 4.90 to 8.60 ft (1.52 to 2.6m), providing flexibility in various surveying and measurement applications.
Durable Construction: Features a carbon fiber outer pole for lightweight yet sturdy performance, complemented by a black aluminum inner pole.
Secure Locking System: Equipped with a locking pin that effectively secures the pole to prevent any slipping of pole sections. 
Convenient Design: Includes a built-in 20-minute bubble vial for quick and easy leveling.
SitePro 2.2 Meter Carbon Fiber Rover Rod - 10ths
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Lightweight 2-section telescoping carbon fiber rod with 10ths/100ths graduations
Snap-loc for no slip positioning - 3 height positions: 2m, 1.8m or 1.6m and collapses to 4.5 ft (1.37m)
Compression lock mechanism
On-board 20-minute, adjustable circular vial
Mounting type: 5/8-11 fixed
SitePro DT8 Theodolites
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DT8's 5-second Laser sight digital theodolites with optical plummet for centering over point. Laser beam is built into aperture for easy and accurate alignment (LS & LP models).

Incremental encoding detection system with dual digital displays
Automatic power shut-off
Coaxial tangent and clamp screws provide ease of use in sighting and alignment
Built-in battery pack can be attached and detached by a single action
Water resistant, sealed construct
David White LT8-300 Transit Levels
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Laser Plummet Makes Setup of Center Point Quick & Easy
Up to 400ft (120m) Range
26X Level-Transit
Top-Mounted Vial, Easy To See
Smooth Movement & Superior Alignment Control
Engineered To Protect Against Dirt, Damage, & Costly Repairs
2yr Manufacturers Warranty Included