Leica Batteries & Chargers

Leica Batteries & Chargers

Leica GEB121 Battery

NiMH camcorder-type battery
6V 4200mAh
Compatible with Leica TPS 400, 700, 800, 1100, RCS 1100, GPS500, GS50, DNA03/10
Long battery life
Durable and reliable
Leica GEB212 Battery
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High output
Extended capacity
Li-Ion battery
7.4V/2.6 Ah
Leica GEB331 Battery

The GEB331 is a rechargeable high-output battery, 11.1V/2.8Ah.
High output for long battery life
Lightweight and easy to transport
Built to withstand the rigors of field use
Leica Battery Replacement GEB111 / GEB112 | 2100mAh
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See description for compatibilityCameron Sino 2100mAh Battery: a reliable power solution for your Leica instrumentsCompatible with a wide range of Leica instruments (please check the description for compatibility)Type: Ni-MH battery for enhanced performance and long-lasting powerCapacity: 2100mAh / 12.60Wh for extended usage timeVoltage: 6.0v for consistent and efficient power supplyDimension: 89.30 x 45.80 x 21.40mm
GeoMax / Leica Battery Replacement - GEB221
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See description for compatibility 

Cameron Sino 6800mAh OR 5600mAh Battery: A reliable power solution for your GeoMax & Leica instruments
Compatible with a wide range of GeoMax & Leica instruments
Type: Li-ion battery for enhanced performance and long-lasting power
Capacity: 6800mAh / 50.32Wh OR 5600mAh / 41.44Wh for extended usage time
Voltage: 7.4v for consistent and efficient power supply
Dimension: 71.72 x 39.16 x 39.40mm

Supports the GKL211 Charger only
GeoMax / Leica Charger | GKL221 | GEB211
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See description for compatibility 

Charges GeoMax and Leica batteries
Input voltage: 100-240V AC
Output voltage: 7.4V DC
Output current: 2.1A
Full Battery charge in 6 Hours
GeoMax / Leica Battery Replacement | 3400mAh | GBE211
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See description for compatibility

High capacity: 3400mAh for extended usage time
Li-ion technology: Enhanced performance and long-lasting power
Consistent voltage: 7.4v for efficient power supply
Compact size: 72.00 x 39.46 x 21.15mm

Supports the GK211 Charger only
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Leica GKL311 Professional Single-Bay Battery Charger
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Fast Charging: Capable of charging one Li-Ion battery within 8 hours.
Charge Progress Indicator: Onboard LED light displays the progress of the charging process.
Temperature Monitoring: Detects battery temperature and adjusts the charge accordingly, ensuring optimal charging conditions and extending battery life.
Compatibility: Designed for use with GEB211 Li-Ion batteries, which power the Piper 100/200 series lasers and the Builder 100-500 series total stations.
Vehicle Charging Option: Includes a 12 Volt cigarette lighter, allowing convenient charging in your vehicle.
Wall Adapter: Comes with a North American wall adapter for charging at home or in the office.