Leica NA2 / NAK2 Autolevel
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NA2: 32x Magnification
NAK2: 40x Magnification

Rugged and reliable: Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the building site, the Leica NA2 and NAK2 are indifferent to weather conditions and extremely reliable.
Precise leveling: With a standard deviation of up to 0.7 mm for a 1 km double-run, the Leica NA2 and NAK2 deliver accurate and reliable leveling results.
Bright, high-contrast image: The high-quality telescope with erect image provides a bright, high-contrast image even in poor light.
Easy to use: The general layout of the controls, the smooth friction-braked rotation of the instrument, and the endless horizontal drive with bilateral knobs make it easy to use
Water & dust resistance: IP53 rating for protection against dust and water
10ft Direct Elevation Cut/Fill Lenker Grade Rod - 10ths/100ths
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Rugged, versatile, and lightweight
Bold numbers and easy-to-distinguish cut/fill portions
DuPont nylon parts, heavy-duty matte tape, and U.V. stabilized detector rails
Direct reading (true elevation) eliminates errors caused by adding or subtracting
Faster grade shots than conventional style rods
Special rail slide for faster and easier readings
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USED - Spectra AL20M Autolevel
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USED - Very good condition

Case included
20x magnification
0.5 arc-second compensator accuracy for precise measurements
Magnetic-dampened compensator for smooth operation
Peep sight collimator for accurate sighting
Double-sided, continuous tangent drives for quick and easy adjustments
Bubble mirror for easy viewing of the leveling vial
Ideal for leveling forms and footers, checking elevation and measuring cut and fill
Leica NA324, 24x Autolevel
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24x magnification for clear observations
Water and dust-tight (IP) and impact-resistant construction
Simple operation for ease of use
Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
Experience superior performance and reliability with the Leica NA324 Autolevel, perfect for construction and surveying professionals.
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Sola LSB48D 48" Box-Beam Digital Level
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Accurate measurements with enhanced focus vials (0.3mm/m standard, 0.5mm/m inverted)
Durable aluminum housing and stable box-beam profile
Easy reading with the digital display
Secure magnetic attachment for placement on metal surfaces
Convenient level bag for storage and transport
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GeoMax ZRP105 Pro Laser Receiver w/ Bracket
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Includes clamp (835249)
Working range of up to 1,000 ft. (300 m)
Achieve pinpoint accuracy with three on-grade precision settings
Stay informed with a multi-channel analog display that boasts dual functionality
Effortlessly locate the laser beam with an extended 4" detection window
Ensure reliable measurements by eliminating false readings with built-in flash suppression
Attain precise alignment with the integrated bubble vial feature
Versatile compatibility allows for easy detection of red beams on rotary/grade lasers
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HL760U Receiver w/ Clamp
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Digital elevation readout saves time and eliminates the need to go to "on-grade" position for measurements.
Large 12.7 cm (5 inch) reception height ensures quick beam acquisition and easy tracking.
Wireless remote display and monitoring with another HL760 or HL760U receiver, even at distances up to 80 m (260 ft.).
Anti-strobe sensor filters out construction strobe lights, enabling accurate detection of laser beam signals.
Rugged, dust-proof, and weatherproof housing withstands drops of up to 3 m (10 ft) for reduced downtime.
Accepts both red beam and green beam laser frequencies, providing versatility for various laser devices.
Rod Eye 160 Digital Receiver w/ Bracket
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Designed for Leica Rugby leveling lasers
Displays measurements in multiple units: mm, cm, in, fractions of in, and ft
Anti-strobe protection ignores interference from strong strobes
Durable and drop-resistant with protective over mold
Dust-tight and waterproof with IP67 protection rating
Long battery life of over 50 hours, powered by two standard alkaline batteries
Rod Eye 140 Classic Receiver w/Bracket
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High Application Performance: The Leica Rod Eye 140 Classic delivers exceptional performance for various applications.
Dual LCD Indication: Featuring two large graphic displays on the front and back, the receiver provides clear and convenient visual information.
Improved Reading Accuracy: The built-in level vial ensures precise alignment, resulting in enhanced reading accuracy.
Anti-Strobe Protection: The receiver's anti-strobe protection feature detects and filters out strong strobe flashes on the job, preventing interference.
Wide Detection Window: With a built-in 12 cm detection window, the Rod Eye 140 Classic allows effortless beam detection across the entire distance.
Spectra LL100N Laser Level w/ Receiver
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Fully automatic self-leveling rotating laser provides fast and accurate setup
Robust design withstands a 3 ft (1 m) tripod tip over and still remains functional, reducing costs for downtime or repair
3 Year No-Downtime warranty keeps productivity high and operating costs low
One-person elevation control up to a 1,150 ft (350 m) diameter
Checking/setting elevations, concrete forms, footings, and foundations for smaller job sites
Ideal for patio decks, terraces, swimming pools, septic systems, and leach fields
Estimating cut and fill
Leica Metor MTR-90 Digital Leveling
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Two powerful neodymium magnets provide a good hold on any metal profile.
Metor MTR-90 is immune to interference. Flash / sun light, LED / fluorescent lamps are no problem.
The rubber overmold protects the receiver when accidentally dropped and the case is absolutely waterproof.
Front and rear displays with a high contrast guarantee quick and easy readable measurement results..
The compact physical dimensions and the low weight allows it to fits in shirt pocket and suitcase.
The On-Grade position can be set by the user.
It achieves an operating time of over 45 hours with only one AA type battery.
MTR-90RF transmits its online measurement to your Android mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth LE.
The Metor MTR-90 works with all conventional rotation lasers.
SECO Medium Leveling Rod Turning Plate (Turtle)
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Use the SECO Leveling Plate to improve the accuracy of level runs in soft terrain
The Leveling Plates (or Turtles as they are commonly known) are cast heavy steel and red powder painted for durability
Other quality construction features include chrome plating on the dome, carrying handle and ground points
Diameter – 14 cm
Diameter of half ball – 3.0 cm
Height of half ball – 2.0 cm
Height of foot to top of half ball – 6.6 cm
Weighs 4.41 lb (2.00 kg)