Leica GG03 Smart Antenna
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GG03 Professional
L1/L2 GNSS SmartAntenna,120 channels GNSS receiver with options:L1/L2, GPS and GLONASS Easily, RTK processingkernel, upgradeable with GG03 options:(e.g. 5Hz).799843 - GG03 Professional includes:

1 x 799843 GG03 Professional

UAV Aerial Target - 24"x24" - Drone Ground Control Point GCP
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24”x24” Aerial Target: Designed for low to medium-altitude drone mapping, providing a standard reference distance.
Center Eyelet Design: Easily identify the center of the GCP without tearing the target, ideal for precision mapping.
Lightweight & Durable: Weatherproof mesh material, highly visible and matte finish reduces glare.
Software Compatibility: Works with popular photogrammetry reconstruction software, trusted across industries.
Corner Anchor Points: Prevent movement during mapping, allows for repeatable location data.
Trusted & Economical: Used in various industries, cost-effective compared to DIY GCPs.
Leica GG04 Smart Antenna
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GG04 plus Professional.
GPS and Glonass Multi-Frequency,GNSS Smart/Antenna with RTK processing kernel, 20 Hz, 555channels, upgradeable options, raw data logging support andNMEA streaming. A Zeno Connect license is already includedwith the GG04 plus in order to use the antenna on Android/iOS mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) via Zeno Connectfrom the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (iOS).867128 - GG04 plus Professional includes:

1 x 867128 GG04 plus Professional
1 x 772806 GEB212 Li-Ionen-Battery 7,4 V / 2,45 Ah
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Autel EVO II RTK Pro V3 (6k) Rugged Bundle + Software Bundle
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Surveying & Mapping
No Need For Ground Control Points
1" CMOS Sensor Gimbal Camera
10-bit A-Log
20MP Photo& 6K/30fps Video
360° Obstacle Avoidance
Dynamic Track 2.0
38 Minutes Flight Time
15KM Video Transmission Range
Leica Zeno 20 WEH CDMA Handheld Pack

Simple, accurate and rugged asset management
3.75G GSM Modem 
Android OS L1 
GPS & Glonass 1Hz 
GNSS configuration