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Juniper Systems: Conquer the Elements with Rugged Tech

In the unforgiving realm of extreme environments, where precision meets grit, Juniper Systems reigns supreme. Since 1993, this Canadian-born brand has been crafting ultra-rugged handhelds and tablets that empower professionals to conquer the elements and collect vital data with unwavering confidence.

Built to Endure: Imagine scaling a treacherous mountain, braving scorching deserts, or navigating the icy grip of polar regions. Juniper Systems devices, MIL-STD-810G certified, are your unwavering companions in such unforgiving landscapes. Drops, shocks, dust, water, and extreme temperatures – these rugged beasts shrug them off like mere inconveniences.

Precision at Your Fingertips: Data accuracy is paramount, and Juniper Systems delivers. Their devices boast cutting-edge GNSS technology, ensuring pinpoint positioning and meticulous data capture, be it mapping uncharted terrain, surveying construction sites, or monitoring delicate ecosystems.

Intuitive Usability: Even in the harshest conditions, efficiency reigns. Juniper Systems devices are meticulously designed for intuitive operation. Streamlined interfaces, ergonomic designs, and glove-friendly touchscreens make data collection effortless, even with adrenaline pumping and the elements howling.

Software Solutions that Empower: Data is just the beginning. Juniper Systems offers a robust suite of software solutions to transform raw data into actionable insights. Manage projects seamlessly, streamline workflows, and gain deeper understanding of your data – all within a user-friendly ecosystem built for the demands of the real world.

A Spectrum of Rugged Excellence: From the versatile Mesa Rugged Tablet available in Windows and Android versions, to the compact and agile Archer 3 Rugged PDA, to the powerful and feature-packed Allegro 3 Rugged Handheld, Juniper Systems has a tool for every mission.

More than just devices, Juniper Systems is a philosophy. It's the unwavering belief that technology can empower human potential, even in the face of the most formidable challenges. It's the confidence to push boundaries, to gather crucial data, and to make informed decisions that shape our world.

So, whether you're a surveyor scaling a mountain peak, a construction worker laying the foundation for tomorrow's city, or a scientist unlocking the secrets of the natural world, Juniper Systems stands with you. It's time to conquer the elements, one rugged device at a time.

Explore the world of Juniper Systems and discover the technology that fuels your drive to conquer the extraordinary.

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Embrace the rugged.

Mesa 3 Rugged Windows Tablet | FieldGenius 11 Premium Software Activated
In Stock
Activated w/ FieldGenius 11 Premium

Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
Extreme temperature endurance
Ergonomic design for minimal user fatigue
All-day battery life
Large 7’’ sunlight-readable display
Racing-fast processor options
Live and individualized customer support