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ChrisNik MagHub
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ChrisNik MagHubs - 100 Hubs Per Box

Magnetized for easy detection: The ChrisNik MagHub is magnetized for easy detection using a metal detector.
Galvanized coating to resist corrosion: The MagHub is galvanized to resist corrosion, making it durable and long-lasting.
Large center point: The large center point makes the MagHub easy to see and find, even in dense vegetation or other difficult-to-see areas.
Looks like a standard survey marker: The MagHub looks like a standard survey marker, making it easy to identify and use.
Less than half the price of a stake: The MagHub is less than half the price of a stake, making it a cost-effective option for surveyors.
Easy to carry: The MagHub is easy to carry, making it a convenient option for surveyors who need to set a lot of markers.

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ChrisNik MagSpike
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Made from premium steel: Made from a combination of premium steel that makes it the most durable survey marker in the industry.
Pound it harder, find it farther: Designed to withstand even the hardest strikes, making it ideal for setting control points and property corners.
Magnetized: The MagSpike is magnetized for easy detection using a metal detector.
Large center point: The large center point makes the MagSpike easy to see and find, even in difficult-to-see areas.
1" diameter head: The 1" diameter head provides a larger surface area for better penetration and holding power.

3"        -   25 Nails per box
4 1/2"  -  25 Nails per box
6"        -   20 Nails per box
MagNails - MagHubs
ChrisNik MagNails
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100 Nails Per Box

Magnetic: Easily found using a metal detector. Larger than PK nails, making them easier to see and find in difficult-to-see areas.
Durable: ChrisNik MagNails are made of hardened steel - coated with a zinc finish to prevent corrosion.
Easy to use: ChrisNik MagNails are easy to use and can be set with a hammer or nail gun. Available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different applications.
Cost-effective: ChrisNik MagNails are a cost-effective alternative to other survey nails. Backed by a satisfaction guarantee
Versatile: ChrisNik MagNails can be used for a variety of surveying and construction applications, including setting control points, construction offsets, property and boundary marking, and cross ties and benchmarks.

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