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Carlson Civil Suite Software
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Drawing Cleanup: Perform data integrity checks, convert proprietary objects into usable entities, and eliminate wasteful redundancies.
Join Nearest: Join objects together with tolerances and safety checks.
Shrink-Wrap Entities: Define boundaries quickly and easily.
Drawing Inspector: Get an instantaneous and dynamic readout of bearings, distances, elevations, and other information.
3D Viewer Window: View perspectives and get elevational analysis of 3D data and surfaces.
2D/3D Polyline Utilities: Enhance the use of polylines that AutoCAD® doesn't have.
Volumes: Calculate volumes accurately with the industry's most accurate algorithms.
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Carlson Scan3D
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Instant, mobile 3D scanning of rooms, spaces, equipment, and more
Highly accurate point cloud data sets comparable to larger-scale 3D scanning devices
Real-time 3D reconstruction with live quality feedback
Local data optimization (post-processing) for highly accurate results
Automatic AprilTag targeting for intelligent accuracy improvement
Precise, savable measurements of distance, area, volume, and more
Carlson Point Cloud
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View and process up to 1 billion points: Carlson Point Cloud can handle even the largest point clouds with ease.
Register scans to local coordinates: Allows you to combine point clouds from different sources into a single, cohesive dataset.
Filter or decimate the points: Allows you to reduce the size of your point cloud without losing important data.
Overlay raster images in 3D: Allows you to visualize your point cloud in the context of real-world features.
Snap to edges and code descriptions: This allows you to automate the process of creating linework and symbols from your point cloud.
Create contours, profiles, sections, and breaklines: This allows you to generate 2D and 3D representations of your point cloud.
Export all surface models, points, contours, breaklines, grid and profiles to CAD:
Carlson SurvCE
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Enhanced Search: multiple search methods for TS/RTS in all live survey screens.
Voice Prompting: in Stakeout, so you can keep your eyes on the environment.
Map Overlays: Google, Open Street Maps, Esri® Maps, and your own WMS.
GIS Inspector: instant access to GIS attribution in the map screen.
Surface Inspector: easy comparison of plan vs. as-built elevation difference.
Obstructed Point Stakeout: guided staking of unreachable points by marking azimuth and distance.
Automatic Backsight Check: in the joystick screen, makes it easier to check your setup at any time.

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Carlson RT5 Tablet
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Boost productivity with the Carlson RT5, a rugged Windows data collector for surveying, stake-out, construction layout, and GIS mapping.
Bundled with Carlson SurvPC for efficient data collection and analysis on Windows-based devices.
Optional esri OEM for use in the field, providing added value for GIS professionals.
8GB RAM and 256GB storage enable faster data collection and analysis, improving workflow and reducing downtime.
Rugged design ensures durability in tough field conditions, minimizing the risk of damage and extending the device's lifespan.
Compatible with Carlson office software for added versatility and convenience.
Ideal for professionals who require a reliable, efficient, and durable data collection device.
2-year manufacturers warranty
Carlson BRx7 GNSS | Base & Rover Bundle
Software & Data Collector Not Included

All constellations turned on: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
Long-range RTK baselines up to 30 mi with fast acquisition times with the use of Carlson Listen-Listen
UHF (400 MHz & 900 MHz), Cellular (4G GSM), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi wireless communication
The BRx7 Athena GNSS engine providing best-in-class dual RTK performance
Internal IMU tilt sensor compensation corrects collected point coordinates to within 2 cm

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Carlson RT4 Tablet w/ SurvPC TS
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Increase productivity with the Carlson RT4, designed for surveying, stakeout, construction layout, and GIS mapping.
The bundled Carlson SurvPC data collection program allows for faster and more efficient data collection and analysis.
Compatible with the Esri OEM program for GIS field work, providing added value for GIS professionals.
Use the RT4 in the office with any Carlson office software for maximum versatility.
With 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, the RT4 provides powerful performance to get the job done quickly and accurately.