GCX3 Network Rover System Complete
  • GCX3 Network Rover System Complete
  • GCX3 Network Rover System Complete
  • GCX3 Network Rover System Complete
  • GCX3 Network Rover System Complete

GCX3 Network Rover System Complete

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Buy one GCX3 and get one R4S-BT radio kit for FREE. Yes, you heard that correctly!

Turn the GCX3 into a UHF base and rover setup to cover any kind of survey scenario.

Offer is good NOW through March 31st, 2021

GCX3 Basic Models (GG-L1 Only): 1017114-04 OAF+ GCX3 LL & Network Rover 10Hz GGD

Overview for Sokkia 1025070-01 GCX3 GNSS Receiver

  • 226 tracking channels

  • All-in-view constellation GNSS receiver

  • Robust signal tracking

  • 10Hz maximum data rate

  • POST2 integrated antenna

  • Ideal network RTK rover

  • Battery life up to 10 hours

  • OAF options sold separately 

Designed to have world-class performance, the Sokkia GCX3 GNSS Receiver delivers more flexibility and functionality to meet every survey and construction need. This all-in-view constellation GNSS receiver comes with 226 optimized satellite tracking channels. For robust signal tracking even around interference sources, it features the Second generation Precision Orbital Satellite Technology (POST2) integrated antenna.

Having a maximum data rate of 10 hertz, this survey instrument is an ideal network RTK rover. Viewing results is easier with its LED display. Plus, it comes with the Ideal Fusion Technology solution with robotic instruments and MAGNET Field. Also, it features BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS, QZSS, and GAGAN satellite tracking in addition to GPS and GLONASS which ensures the best positioning availability. As an affordable GNSS solution, the GCX3 receiver can be used together with the SHC-5000 for optimum performance.

Having an IP67 environmental rating, the GCX3 is dustproof and water-resistant. It has an internal non-removable battery that can power up to 10 hours with an all-day operation. With only 15 ounces, this compact receiver delivers full-featured, high-precision performance.

Please Note: The GCX3 basic systems are GPS+GLONASS L1 only. OAF Options for RTK solutions are sold separately.

Configuration Options

The Sokkia GCX3 GNSS Receiver offers three packages. Please select your preference from the drop-down menu above.

  • 1017273-01: GCX3 With Box
  • 1017274-01: GCX3 With Soft Case
  • 1025070-01: GCX3 With Fusion Lock Kit

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the GCX3 with Fusion Lock Kit promotes quicker fieldwork and faster prism acquisition in dense locations. It comes with Fusion Switch to easily change between GNSS and optical measurements. It also has Fusion Resection that starts production at locations that are safe and convenient. Aside from the GCX3 receiver, the Fusion Lock Kit consists of a prism adapter, power cables, USB cables, and a soft case. This Sokkia GNSS kit replaces the RC-PR5 Quick Lock System which can track dual constellation single frequency and SBAS signals.

Overview for Sokkia 1024415-01 R4S-BT External Radio Modem

  • Lengthens the range between RTK base & rover

  • Range up to 984 feet

  • Provides superior RTK performance with Sokkia GCX3 receiver and other third-party GNSS receivers

  • UHF radio modem

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Data speeds up to 115,200 bps

  • Battery life up to 20 hours

  • IP67 dustproof and water immersible

The Sokkia R4S-BT External Radio Modem is a versatile and innovative UHF radio transceiver modem that provides optimal RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) performance with the Sokkia GCX3 receiver and other third-party GNSS receivers. It offers data transmission using wireless Bluetooth, providing an extended communication range between an RTK base station and rover up to 984 feet (300 m).

This Sokkia UHF external radio modem gives the perfect solution in times where network connections are poor. It features both a serial and radio interface that offer data speeds up to 115,200 bps (bits per second).

With an IP67 rating, the Sokkia R4S-BT radio modem comes with a water-resistant and dustproof housing that is designed to tackle rough outdoor conditions. It uses a Li-ion rechargeable battery that operates up to 20 hours in receive mode and up to 6 hours in transmit mode. Weighing only 0.9 pounds (420 g), the R4S-BT is easy to carry and mount making it the best companion for an all-day surveying job.

Configuration Options

The Sokkia R4S-BT External Radio Modem is available in two frequencies to suit your needs. Please select your preference from the menu above.

  • 1024415-01: 410-440 MHz
  • 1024416-01: 440-470 MHz