Laser Technology

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) is a company devoted to the design and manufacture of innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments, using ISO compliant and continuous improvement techniques.

Laser Technology


  • Laser Rangefinger
    It's almost an insult to even call this powerful measurement tool a "Laser Rangefinder" because its capabilities go far beyond just measuring a range. You can instantly measure slope distance, inclination and azimuth* and calculate horizontal and vertical distance - all with a single push of a button.
  • Impulse Lasers
    The Impulse series are by far the most durable and reliable laser rangefinders available. All these lasers are specifically designed for optimal performance under any condition you may encounter in the field, because the all-aluminum housing is extremely rugged and completely waterproof. No other laser in the world can hold up to harsh conditions like the Impulse.
  • Mapstar Compass
    Laser Technology's MapStar Compass Module II (MSCM II) is more than just an electronic compass; it brings a host of new advances to azimuth measurement, also known as directional data in reference to North.
  • Mapstar Truangle
    The MapStar TruAngle, just like the MapStar Angle Encoder (MSAE) which LTI recently put up on the archival shelf, precisely calculates a turned horizontal angle that can be referenced to any desired point or direction. When integrated with an LTI laser, you can capture X, Y and Z coordinates for complete 3D mapping and surface modeling. With a smaller and lighter weight design, a more simplistic user interface and a price point that’s nearly half of the MSAE, the TruAngle angle encoder is an attractive alternative mapping accessory.
  • Cables
  • Data Collector

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