Carlson Scan3D
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Instant, mobile 3D scanning of rooms, spaces, equipment, and more
Highly accurate point cloud data sets comparable to larger-scale 3D scanning devices
Real-time 3D reconstruction with live quality feedback
Local data optimization (post-processing) for highly accurate results
Automatic AprilTag targeting for intelligent accuracy improvement
Precise, savable measurements of distance, area, volume, and more
SECO Stedi-Rest - For Prism Poles
In Stock

Crain’s Stedi-Rest® fits any 1.25 to 1.5 inch (32 to 38.1 mm) pole and can take the place of three separate products, level Vial Adjustment Jig, Prism Pole Bipod and a Rod Rest
Weighs 0.15 lb (0.07 kg)
SECO Quick Change Adapter For Leica GPH1
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Use the Pole Adapter on a SECO Quick Change™ Poles to achieve a target height of 150 mm
For: Leica GPH1
Target Height: 86 mm
Length: 50 mm
Weighs 0.19 lb (0.09 kg)
SECO Wild Prism Adapter
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Adapts Swiss-style snap-on prisms to 5/8 x 11 tribrach adapter or prism pole
Weighs 0.06 lb (0.03 kg)
SECO Height Adapter for Topcon 77 mm Prism
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5/8 X 11 aluminum prism height adapters allow the base pole to be used with other manufacturer’s 360° Prisms
For Topcon users with 77 mm prism
Weighs 0.14 lb (0.06 kg)