Ashtech ProFlex 500


ProFlex 500 GPS Receiver, Dealer Demo with very little use.  L1, L2, GLONASS, RTK, Up to date firmware.  Make your best offer.


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Its innovative design makes it the ideal solution for onboard system integration - it can be mounted easily on a machine or vehicle

for land or sea operations - and it is also a perfect back-pack rover or reference station solution for precise land surveying.

ProFlex 500 offers GPS+GLONASS+20 years of field-proven professional technologies. It is made to withstand harsh

environments, and gives you maximum flexibility in the field.

n Fast initialization and centimeter accuracy at long-range

n Unique BLADE technology for full benefit of any available GLONASS corrections

n Unique built-in communication features

n Hot-Standby RTK feature for automatic best position availability

n Rugged design for demanding work environments

n Advanced multi-path mitigation and robust signal tracking for maximum data reliability

n Interoperability with any vendor's reference station transmitting GPS+GLONASS L1/L2

High-End Performance

The ProFlex 500 with BLADE has the ability to provide the best possible measurements from three constellations

GPS+GLONASS+SBAS €“ one of the key differentiators offered by our BLADE technology. The receiver itself makes all the checks

and preparations needed to mitigate any negative effects of GLONASS signal instabilities. The result is more reliable measurement

processing and usage than with competing receiver offerings. Additionally, the ProFlex 500 can work with any other manufacturer€™s

base or reference stations (VRS, FKP or MAC formats supported).


The innovative design integrates all the communication components (GSM/GPRS and/or UHF radios) offering an all-in-one robust

solution to the user. The weatherproof, high-impact resistant molded aluminum housing ensures your investment is safe in all

conditions, which is especially important for onboard machine usage or base station applications.


The ProFlex 500 offers a unique design with various mounting

capabilities. It includes a unique set of built-in communication

options, internal and removable battery, internal memory, specific kits

per application and full compatibility with various software solutions such

as FAST Survey„¢, GNSS Solutions„¢ and Real Time Data Server (RTDS„¢).

Adaptable to most any specific positioning usage, the ProFlex 500 is

also the ideal solution for people looking for a single GNSS receiver for

multiple applications.